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Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeries in India

India is one of the best countries in the world offering cosmetic/plastic surgery. It is a country which is known to its best medicine and doctors ever. With the best board certified plastic surgeons and current cosmetic/plastic surgery techniques, you can be assured of how best Indian hospitals can improve the way you look.

If you have for a long time been disturbed by the way your body structure look, you should not look back! In India, you can get the best plastic or cosmetic surgeries ever!

What is Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic and plastic surgery are closely related surgical procedures that are aimed to improve the patient’s body. However, the goal of the patient in both procedures is different.

Cosmetic surgery is entirely used to enhance the patient’s appearance by improving the aesthetic appeal, proportion and symmetry. On the other hand, plastic surgery is a surgical procedure that is aimed to reconstruct body birth defects, trauma, diseases and burns.

Types of Cosmetic Surgery you can get in India

If your major goal is to improve the appearance of your body and self-esteem, below are the common and major types of cosmetic surgery you will get in India:

  • Liposuction Surgery- This is a procedure that is aimed to suck fat from the areas of your body that are hard to lose fat through exercise and controlled diet. Liposuction can help change your body shape and give you a long lasting healthy weight.
  • Female Breast Reduction Surgery- This is a surgical procedure that is aimed to make large breasts look smaller and lifted. It can help women who are unhappy with the weight, shape and drooping of their breasts.
  • Breasts implant surgery-Also known as breast augmentation, breast implant surgery is a procedure which is used to improve the symmetry and increase the size of the breast. It is a process used to restore breast volume and size after pregnancy or weight loss. Types of breasts implant surgeries include:
  • Silicon breast implant
  • Saline breast implant
  • Structured saline breast implant
  • Smooth breast implant
  • Round breast implant
  • Gummy gear breast implant
  • Textured breast implant
  • Male breast reduction surgery- This is a procedure aimed to reduce the size of breasts in men as a result of heavy weight or gynaecomastia. It can improve a man’s chest size, shape and self-esteem as well.

The Bottom Line

Are you angered and tired of your awkward body shape and size? Have you tried other means such as change of diet and physical exercise to change the shape of your body but all have not worked?

Don’t be worried; India Medical and surgical facilities are there for you. With the current cosmetic surgery techniques and board certified plastic surgeons, the best results are guaranteed!

Save up to 80% on the treatment cost, without compromising on quality