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Diabetes Treatment in India

India is one of the world’s leading destinations for medical tourism. Diabetes treatment in India is done by some of the most qualified health professionals with years of experience. If you are looking for an opportunity to have your diabetes treated in India, you need proper information for you to guide you through. The country has world-class hospitals where you can seek treatment whether you are a first-time patient or just want to continue with your treatment for better results.

Facts about diabetes and its treatment

Glucose is an essential necessity for your body. It is an important source of energy needed for your cells to make up tissues and muscles in your body. It is also an important element and source of energy for your brain. Why does this glucose come from? Glucose comes from the food that you consume. A special hormone called insulin is needed to help glucose get into your cells to provide the much-needed energy. Due to different causes, the blood-glucose level may deviate from the normal leading to what is called diabetes.

There are two main types of diabetes;

Type 1 diabetes- this is an autoimmune disorder that does not have a well-known cause. This is a condition where your body’s immune system starts to behave abnormally and begins attacking and destroying cells in your pancreas. In this process, insulin-producing cell islets are destroyed and the insulin production is halted.

Type 2 diabetes- This is when your body does not make or utilize insulin in the normal levels and manner. This is caused mainly by excess body weight and lack of proper body exercises.

There are other types of diabetes which can be exemplified by the following;

  • Pre-diabetes. This is diabetes stage where the blood sugar is considered higher than normal but not too high to be called diabetes.
  • Gestational diabetes. This is diabetes in expectant mothers.

Once you have identified the type of diabetes that you may be suffering from, there is a need for you to take swift action and seek diabetes treatment in India in the best hospitals that the country offers. But how do you know that you need medical attention for diabetes in India?

Diabetes symptoms

It is easy to know that you may be diabetic. However, since symptoms such as frequent urination and feeling thirsty and hungry do not constitute “anything” to worry about, diabetes is constantly ignored until it reaches advanced stages. If left untreated, diabetes advances to cause complications such as unexplained weight loss, cardiovascular diseases, kidney problems and failure, damage to the eyes, foot ulcers and stroke among others. If you are suffering from these conditions, you should make your move and seek diabetes treatment in India.

Facilities for Diabetes Patient

India has some of the greatest doctors and specialists for diabetes. You are able to access the best stem cell treatment for diabetes in the country. Once you have made your move, you will benefit from standard and well equipped medical facilities and clinics for patients suffering from both diabetes mellitus and diabetes in lipids. Treatment procedures for diabetes 1 and 2 in India are given depending on the patient circumstances. Your doctor will decide between intravenous and other interventions. 

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