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Frequently Asked Questions

The medical facilities and cost vary from country to country. A patient who belongs to one country goes to another country for better treatment at low cost is known as Medical tourism or health tourism.
India has state of class medical facilities and expert doctors with all the medical facilities. The hospitals here have the best infrastructure and complete treatments for almost all the diseases. Hence it is the best destination for medical treatments and surgery.
Yes, in many cases it is almost half than the cost of foreign countries.
Well, that very much depend on the disease, treatment package, transportation and many other factors but usually you can consider saving of almost half of the total cost than what you are to pay in foreign countries.
There are many factors behind the low cost and difference of currency rate is one of the most important ones. The Indian hospitals and treatments are also world class.
Yes, Almost every hospital has staff which can interact in English. And Suvidha care also have representatives who can speak English fluently.
Well, the hospitals have translators and interpreters for you in such case. Besides English, They can easily interact in French, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, etc..
Well, it offers a platform to the patient as well as the doctor. Hence the treatment can go smoothly. It also helps the patient with many other features such as travel plan, prescriptions, accommodation for a companion of the patient and tour plan as well as car rentals and other facilities.
Well, the medical treatment is doubtlessly a priority, but once the treatment is done you can also visit many tourist destinations as there are a number of spots in almost all the states here.
Well, that depends on your medical condition. Once the doctor allows, you can definitely go home. In case he feels you are not required for follow-ups and observation you can move immediately also.
In such cases, we have trained staff who can meet any emergency. From online diagnosis and consultation to pick up from airport and admission to hospital can be easily managed by the professional experts. Your admission formalities and pick up from the airport by ambulance is also arranged by us.
Yes, The staff here including doctors offers complete personalized treatment with complete privacy.
Well, there are wide choices available for your companion which range from a star hotel to guesthouse with complete facilities. Once the treatment is done, you can also join your companion for tourism and other follow-ups.
Well, it is a rare case, but in such situations, the refund is limited to some extent what we get from our channel partner hotels and transporters.
Just have a look at our flow chart and move accordingly.

Save up to 80% on the treatment cost, without compromising on quality