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Why India is Reputed for Medical Tourism and Surgeries

Among the Asian countries, India carries an excellent reputation as the top destination for medical tourists. The hospitals in India and health sector as a whole have been improved to compete with the world's standards.

The quality of the medical services is confirmed by people traveling from far overseas countries like Canada, Britain, and USA to India for medical reasons.

The outstanding success of the country’s healthcare tourism portal is due to the following reasons;

  • Cost Effective Treatment  -   A comparison of the health care services in India and other developed countries rates India’s cost as more affordable. The health fee here is almost half of what the European hospital charges.
  • Globally renowned hospital  -   Not only are the health services affordable but also provided by globally recognized health companies. Most hospitals offering a specialized treatment meet the ISO and the country’s medical tourism association requirements hence ensuring safety for patients.
  • Less waiting time for patients  -   The presence of more accredited health institutions handling patients from the surgery tourism sector provides less waiting time. At short notice for example for emergencies on can easily get medical attention, he deserves without a bureaucratic appointment.
  • Advanced technology treatment  -   India’s has hospitals, which are well equipped with the modern medical equipment to handle complex treatment like organ transplant and hip resurfacing. The country has invested massive amounts of shillings to ensure that the hospitals are up to date with the instruments to cater for the foreign patients.
  • Well trained, compassionate and accessible professionals  -   The presence of the advanced medical types of equipment and devices is further backed up by the qualified and easy to reach professionals. Other social amenities like free ferrying of patients to and from the airport, the presence of VIP waiting room, discounted hotels and resorts affiliated with the hospitals further attracts tourists.
  • Convenient language  -   Most hospitals receiving international patients have medical staffs who are fluent in English. This allows for free communication. For other overseas languages, translation services are a must.
  • Prolonged hospital stays  -   Nothing annoys as the hurried exit from the hospital due to costly fear charges on continued cost. However, this is not the case in India. The country has medical tourism insurance cover that guarantees you longer hospital stay, and hence you enjoy close monitoring by your surgeon.

India’s has been receiving foreign medical visitors due to her outstanding quality services. The country caters for personalized treatment and hence providing a close doctor-patient relationship. The hospital meets the international thresholds and hence attracts people from all over the world.


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